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Did you know that insects are potential alternative sources of protein for humans?

Parallel to the growth of the world population is growing the concern about the social and economic livelihoods of more than seven billion inhabitants. Insect consumption as a protein alternative for humans was the subject of a study which mapped the dietary profile of Brazilians in relation to edible insects. Read More →

Environment design criteria: boosting efficiency and minimizing risks and costs in launch vehicle development

The influence of the Natural Environment is a factor that affects all phases of launch vehicle/aircraft design, development and operation. Factors such as wind, turbulence, temperature extremes, atmospheric density, ionizing radiation, meteors, space debris, plasma and events related to solar activity, among other environmental phenomena, represent constraints and specific requirements that must be taken into account from the beginning of the project development program for a launch vehicle, so that it presents maximum efficiency in fulfilling its mission. The application of environmental design criteria aims to minimize risks, reduce costs and obtain the best possible vehicle performance. Read More →

How can Brazilian scholars say something that would be of interest globally and have an impact on the work done in the global North?

Brazilian researchers have been encouraged to internationalize their research, but how should the researcher from the global South deal with context in the international dialogue to avoid being perceived as the exotic Other? In its third issue, BAR brings an interview related to the challenge of publishing research from a global perspective. Read More →