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What causes a longer stay in the hospital for elderly with epilepsy?

Epilepsy in the elderly is quite prevalent and can bring serious complications to hospitalized patients. But what factors can predict which of these patients will remain in the hospital for a longer time and thus increase mortality and hospitalization costs? Read More →

Researchers validate a questionnaire in Portuguese to detect a common sleep disorder

Patients with Parkinson’s disease commonly present with a sleep disorder characterized by moving arms and legs violently while dreaming. The diagnosis is only made by an expensive exam called Polysomnography. Researchers validated the Brazilian Portuguese version of a screening questionnaire to help detect this disorder. Read More →

Eating habits, personality, mood, and headache: how eating disorders can relate to migraine?

Migraine is a common disorder without a cure. To unveil novel treatment possibilities, Turkish researchers went to look to an unexpected association: the relationship between migraine and eating disorders. They found that persons with migraine have a higher prevalence of eating disorders, and having both conditions seems to worsen migraine. Read More →