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Evaluating alcohol use and adherence to an online intervention among college students

The use of the internet has facilitated the provision of health strategies. Despite favoring access to many people, adherence to the interventions is relatively low. This study evaluated factors associated with adherence to an online brief intervention on alcohol use among university students. Read More →

The impact of unemployment and psychological well-being

This study aimed to analyze the moderating power of unemployment time in the relationship between the value of work and psychological well-being. The results demonstrate that the time of unemployment associated with the intrinsic values of work can increase the experience of well-being and stabilize the negative affects caused by unemployment. Read More →

Aircraft development under the Mass Properties Management perspective

Aircraft mass properties, such as weight, are established during aircraft conception. Those properties usually are subject to deviations during aircraft development, which leads to a reduction of the desired performance and rework in the development process. This study presents a proposal to reduce rework, keeping the planned performance, and resulting in higher project efficiency. Read More →

Have you accessed Deep or Dark Web today?

Deep and Dark Web are discussed concerning the meaning of their terms, definition, location in cyberspace and types of content and ways to access them. However, it is necessary to understand that despite having similarities, they are distinct webs. Read More →

Treatment of difficult-to-heal venous ulcers with fibrin sealant

Difficult-to-heal ulcers in lower limbs are those that occur below the knee and for several reasons do not reach healing, remaining open for months or years. Difficulties in healing encourage the development of new products. Fibrin sealant is one of these alternatives because it is a biological dressing with excellent healing properties. Read More →

3D concrete printing and the structuration challenge for buildability

3D printing has been making its ground in several industrial applications, including the construction sector. As such technology advances in development and innovation, the idea that buildings could be built in a fully automated manner becomes increasingly feasible. In the industry, 3D concrete printing has been proving to be very promising, and viscosity-enhancing admixtures can play a key role in the success of the application. Read More →

Bufotenine and new perspectives for the treatment of rabies

Currently, rabies remains almost 100% fatal due to the lack of specific treatment. Bufotenine – an alkaloid present in some frogs’ skin secretions as well as in plant seeds – has been shown to be effective in reducing either the onset of symptoms or the mortality in mice. Read More →