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Results from a fuzzy model show that intervention measures impede the spread of COVID-19 even with the vaccine

The fuzzy approach shows that intervention measures impede the spread of COVID-19. Even with the vaccine, the infection rate could be worse if safety measures are weakened. Results assist government decision making to minimize the spread of the pandemic by combining physical distancing measures with vaccines to contain the resurgences of the disease. Read More →

Chondroitin Polymerizing Factor and its therapeutic function for the clinical treatment of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common malignancy worldwide and is characterized by rapid progression, aggressive behavior, frequent recurrence, and poor prognosis. Study investigate the function of CHPF in lung cancer, lentiviral vectors expressing CHPF shRNA were stably transduced into A549 and H1299 cells. Compared to shCtrl cells, CHPF knockdown cells had significantly reduced proliferation. Read More →