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What is the risk of exposure to toxic compounds when consuming sparkling wines?

Compounds with toxic potential, such as the carbonyls and furfuryl alcohol, can be found in sparkling wines due to environmental contamination of the grapes or chemical reactions during the winemaking process. In this study, researchers evaluated the amount of these compounds in sparkling wines and the risk that their consumption presents to health. Read More →

Lightning strikes and ice accumulation: The use of conductive composite materials in challenging aviation solutions in review

An updated look through published studies that show the advantages brought by conductive nanostructures in effective solutions for on flight lightning current dispersion and surface deicing, minimizing the risk of accidents while improving flight efficiency through a low-weight, lower cost and lower maintenance system than others currently applied to aviation. Read More →

What is the behavior of hypocotyl of soybean cultivars over several planting seasons?

In soybean culture, the length of the hypocotyl is one of the factors that evidences the genetic variability of these cultivars. This study evaluated the length of the hypocotyl of soybean crop over several planting seasons, identifying cultivars of predictable and stable behavior in relation to this factor. Read More →