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Statistical analysis of family farming production commercialization

Illustration of a farmers' market network, showing various people involved in agriculture and purchasing products, connected by arrows over a checkered background in cream and green colors.

The commercialization of production from family farming guarantees the livelihood of rural families. By analyzing 129 fruit and vegetable producers in the Central Region of Rio Grande do Sul, it was observed that fruit and vegetable farmers are selling especially in local markets, highlighting the importance of the territory for production and consumption relations. Read More →

The impact of using tannin extract in cattle and sheep diet

Several cows grazing on a vast grassy field.

During the rearing of dairy cattle and sheep, the diets managed impact the composition of the milk produced, especially regarding fatty acids. Researchers evaluated the use of a condensed tannin in the fat profile of the milk of these animals and concluded that black acacia extract improves the nutritional quality of sheep’s milk, with no adverse impact on cattle. Read More →

Smartphones can help in determining the characteristics of essential oils

Various brown glass bottles containing essential oils, each with distinct colored labels, on a marble surface.

A new method uses smartphones to detect color changes resulting from a reaction with the main component of clove essential oil, eugenol. This approach promotes affordable and fast quality control, which is particularly beneficial for small-scale producers. Read More →