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Seven steps to evaluate usability through eye movement tracking with eye tracking technology

The research presents a set of seven steps as a procedure for evaluating the usability of digital informational environments by using eye tracking technology. Twenty-seven metrics provided by the technology are identified, and relevant usability aspects for the analysis of efficiency and effectiveness are associated with each one. Read More →

Therapeutic toy helps children coping with fear and venous puncture-related pain

This study proposed the use of the therapeutic toy for hospitalized children undergoing venous puncture, and confirmed that this is a valuable resource for children to cope with pain and fear in medical procedures that often generate stress and suffering. Read More →

Did you know it is possible to determine the soil quality through infrared?

Infrared methods are often used in science. To determine the quality of soil fertilization, clay and soil organic matter (MOS) are essential components. For the analysis of these components, the use of the analytical technique of near infrared spectroscopy (Near Infrared Spectroscopy – NIRS) presents a sustainable alternative. Read More →