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LinkedIn as a data source to measure the capacity of universities to train professionals

Study uses the information appeared on the social media LinkedIn to measure the hiring of IBEX35 companies by graduates of Spanish universities. Despite the limitations of the use of this tool, the high potential of free-access data for the study of institutions is presented. Read More →

Can employees be a driver for a clean future? A case from petroleum industry

Reflecting the call being made by the United Nation to solve our current climate challenges and reduce our carbon emissions, there is a strong need for large established companies to reshape their agendas and develop clean alternative source of energy. This study discusses the clean shift that is happening in a European oil and gas company and aims to understand the drivers for introducing new clean energy activities outside the company’s boundaries. Read More →

What history tells us about epidemics and the protection of schoolchildren

Studies address the affirmation of nature as a central point in the education, prevention of diseases and leisure of urban populations in the first decades of the twentieth century. The discussions allow us to reflect on the contradictions of outdoor life often being raised as a solution to the evils of urban-industrial society. Read More →

Expanding boundaries of the education privatization

Through the analysis of extensive physical digitalized documents, researchers identified new dynamics of privatization of education in the largest public-school system in Brazil, showing that, between the years of 2015 and 2018, the governance of education in the State of São Paulo incorporated new actors and the boundaries between public and private sectors were blurred. Read More →

Manuscrito explores the connection between language and reality

We use language to talk about all sorts of things. Species, particles, people, numbers, and so on. How do we do that? How exactly do linguistic expressions hook up with the world? These and other questions about the nature of reference in language are much discussed in the philosophical literature. Read More →

Relationship of trust is determinant in the purchase and sale of cattle

In transactions between cattle ranchers and beef slaughterhouses, the relationship of trust is crucial. Influencing the selection of contractual arrangements among cattle breeders, the trust factor was analyzed by researchers, who concluded that it has an impact on the quality of Brazilian meat. Read More →

The man and the physician who greatly contributed to the Pathology teaching in Brazil

The first Brazilian Medical School dates from the beginning of the 19th century influenced by the explosion of the arts and science knowledge of the 19th century. Following this brilliant era, the Brazilian journey of Dr. Luigi Bogliolo ensues, the man and Doctor who struggled for improving the medical teaching, prioritizing the clinical and pathological correlation. Read More →