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Evaluation of 42 rootstocks behavior in Citriculture

Photograph of a man analyzing a citrus tree seedling in a greenhouse.

Citrus culture is the cultivation of citrus fruits, especially orange and lime. This practice is one of the most important sectors of agribusiness in Brazil and generally utilizes the rootstock technique. The analysis evaluates the behavior of 42 rootstocks of “Valência Late” orange trees during the seedling. The results point to some possible alternatives for new rootstocks that will be field tested. Read More →

Charcoal from slaughterhouse waste and maravalha are a sustainable alternative for domestic use

Photograph of 8 coal samples with different treatments on a white background.

Considering the increase in effluent generation in poultry slaughterhouses in recent years, as a result of the growing demand for chicken meat around the world, combined with the need to develop new forms of renewable energy it was possible to produce charcoal for barbecue using sludge from poultry slaughterhouse and shavings of Pinus spp. Read More →

Conflicting voices: speaking and keeping silent

Cover of the book Retrato Calado by Luiz Roberto Salinas Fortes published by Editora Unesp.

Is speaking or being silent a choice? Faced with the multiplicity of spoken and silent voices in our world, the “experience of language” in a period of political repression, as shown in the work Retrato calado [Silenced Portrait], by Salinas Fortes, is the starting point to reflect on the limits between the duty of speaking/writing and witnessing. Read More →