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Analysis brings a retrospect of more than 20 years of hipmagnesemia cases in cows

Vertical horizontal photo. A black-haired cow with two calves on her side. They are in a very green pasture.

When magnesium levels in the blood are low, hypomagnesemia occurs. The disease occurs in ruminants and is responsible for important economic losses in beef herds in Argentina. The analysis of 20 years of cases of this disease demonstrates similarities in patterns of seasonality, management and associated climatic conditions, dietary factors, among others. Read More →

More benefits, fewer risks: Tranexamic acid reduces bleeding and prevents complications in laparoscopic bariatric surgery

Flowchart of the patient analysis in English. At recruitment, starting from the total number of patients (62), 1 was excluded, 0 did not meet the criteria, 0 refused to participate. Allocation: starting from "Control - non-randomized (61)" comes out two arrows forming two horizontal columns. First column: allocated to control group (31), received tranexamic acid (0), follow-up (31), analysis (31). Second column allocated to the group that received tranexamic acid (30), received tranexamic acid (30), follow-up (30), analysis (30).

Medicine’s accessibility, easy administration protocol and absence of thrombogenic adversities indicate that tranexamic acid is a safe and low-cost strategy, applicable to all phases of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery, optimizing recovery and reducing hospital stay of patients. Read More →

Hybrid grape seeds can inhibit the initial phase of some types of cancer

Hybrid grapes have chemopreventive and antioxidant properties, especially in green seeds, which showed higher content of chemical compounds that contribute to such properties compared to more mature grapes. The discovery opens possibilities for future studies to isolate the active molecule and further develop pharmaceuticals. Read More →

No to the militarization of management in public school

Bolsonaro talking to students and teachers in the gymnasium of a military school

The Nacional Program of Civic-Military Schools implemented by the Bolsonaro government in 2019, prescribes an authoritarian proposal for education and threatens our democracy. This study analyzed the conservative demands articulated in this Program and the reasons why the molds of the military schools have been praised as a solution to educational problems. Read More →