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Parasitic infections in rats and mice used in experimentation in Brazil concern scientists

Photograph showing a newborn hairless mouse pup lying on two hands protected by white latex gloves

Rats and mice are extensively used in teaching and research, yet their sanitary condition is neglected in Brazil, resulting in parasitosis in the country’s vivariums. To ensure the quality of scientific research, it is crucial to implement stricter protocols regarding the sanitary condition of laboratory animal Read More →

Heterologous Fibrin Biopolymer is an innovative and entirely Brazilian product with potential for aiding neuromuscular junction regeneration

Diagram illustrating the repair of nerve injury using HFB therapy, with a depiction of a nerve, rats, a syringe, and text explaining benefits.

Nerve injuries lead to the disruption of neuromuscular junctions impairing motor function. Currently, satisfactory recovery after injuries remains a medical challenge. The heterologous fibrin biopolymer, a Brazilian product created from rattlesnake venom and buffalo blood, has demonstrated its ability to create a protective microenvironment enhancing regeneration in these treatments. Read More →