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COVID-19 Affects Perioperative Morbidity and Mortality in Patients Requiring Cardiovascular Surgery

Infographic. Title: COVID-19 Affects Perioperative Morbidity and Mortality in Patients Requiring Cardiovascular Surgery

A retrospective Brazilian multicenter cohort study with 104 patients investigated how COVID-19 affects the perioperative period of cardiovascular surgery. Patients with a positive RT-PCR test within ten days before or after surgery and those presenting with positive RT-PCR test > 10 days after surgery showed significantly higher postoperative complications and death. Read More →

The prognosis of differentiated thyroid cancer is not affected by pregnancy

A pregnant white woman in a white dress, a ring on the finger. Some bush in the background

Pregnancy had no impact on the natural course of differentiated thyroid cancer. Disease progression after pregnancy was limited and probably related to more aggressive disease and higher risk stratification at diagnosis. Still, mild disease progression may have occurred asymptomatically in some patients. Read More →

What is the entrepreneurial profile of undergraduate nursing students?

Several light bulb in a line, one in the middle is on, the others are off.

Across-sectional study of 239 nursing students was performed. They answered a questionnaire consisting of personal characterization data and the Entrepreneur Profile Assessment tool in an academic environment. The study reinforces the importance of training entrepreneurial nurses as agents that transform reality. Read More →

Is it possible to properly manage uncertainties in knowledge creation projects?


Study presents a diagnosis of knowledge creation projects based on uncertainty levels using the Hard and Soft project categorization system in a case study managed by the aeronautical certification department of EMBRAER S.A. The research demonstrated that projects of this nature have Soft predominant characteristics (greater uncertainty) in their dimensions and, therefore, require a carefully elaborated uncertainty management process. The results also show that this system is an effective tool to identify and manage project uncertainties. Read More →

Study points out microorganisms activating in the remediation of soil degraded by agrochemistics

Herbicides such as hexazinone are widely used in crops around the world. With the objective of selecting hexazinone-tolerant microorganisms that have the capacity to solubilize phosphate and prepare inoculants associated with the plant in the remediation of soil contaminated with hexazinone, researchers carried out a research based on 20 soil samples. The results present an alternative to help improve soil quality. Read More →

Occupational stress in frontline health professionals in combating COVID-19

Occupational stressors in health professionals and interventions aimed at prevention in the context of COVID-19 based on the Betty Neuman Systems Model were identified. Stressors were categorized into intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal, and interventions were listed according to the level care, i.e., primary, secondary and tertiary. Read More →