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Latitude and seasons influence the tick count in cattle

Black ox on a white background. Ticks on one leg, a circle zooms in on the ticks.

Being one of the main parasites of cattle, ticks cause losses to livestock farmers. It has been shown that latitude and season interfere with tick counts: higher latitudes tend to have less tick infestation, as well as in winter, while in spring there is a higher infestation. Read More →

The lack of solidarity and human helplessness in the perverse neoliberal logic

Moses by Michelangelo. Marble statue of a seated man with long beard and serious look, a tablet in one arm. Behind a wall with many details in high relief.

It is supported by the philosophy of education and psychoanalysis the hypothesis that neoliberal rationality needs somebody’s deletion to carry out its perverse project and install a system of relationships based on indifference. As a counterpoint, Freud’s ethics is demanded, and supported by the other’s inclusion, a central experience in human development. Read More →

Exploring the synergy and integration among Geodesy, Space Weather and Navigation

Illustration of a field, a runway, sky with clouds and satellites, stations, and a transmission tower.

Air, land, and sea navigation are affected by phenomena that occur in the ionosphere, especially the plasma bubbles, resulting in the occurrence of ionospheric scintillation. This phenomenon deteriorates the quality of the Global Navigation Satellite System, requiring an integration between Geodesy and Space Weather. Read More →

Canagliflozin seems to be more potent in reducing glycated hemoglobinand and body weight in patients with type 2 diabetes


Among the different doses of gliflozins commercially available in Brazil, Canagliflozin 300 mg had the greatest benefit in terms of body weight reduction, however, results were not different from empagliflozin 25 mg and dapagliflozin 10 mg. It’s not worthwhile to increase gliflozins doses with the intent to further decrease glycated hemoglobin or body weight. Read More →

Educational booklet for the prevention of falls in hospitalized patients

A printed educational booklet is effective in improving the knowledge of hospitalized patients about the prevention of falls. This is a low-cost technology that can be applied by nursing professionals to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by patients during health education. Read More →