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What are the factors that explain the voluntary adoption of beef cattle traceability at farm level?

The traceability of beef origin is a requirement for some import markets. Research results show that capital-intensive livestock production system, high scale production, access to specialized information and high level of social capital increase the probability of voluntary adoption of beef cattle traceability at farm level. Read More →

How important are higher education aviation programs in Greece?

Aviation is closely related to the Greek economy, due to its influence on tourism and trade. Clearly, investment on human capital, in education and training, has a key role in sustaining the aviation industry’s growth. An article published by Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management presents an analysis of higher education aviation programs in Greece and suggests some solutions. Read More →

Study identifies the profile of farms poultry with Megninia spp.

The age range of chicken is a risk factor for the presence of Megninia spp. on commercial poultry farms. In addition, the use of mineral oil and acaricide in the diet for ectoparasite control also seems to be associated with the presence of the parasite. These results are part of a research interested in identifying the profile of farms that have the mite in their sheds. Read More →

Manuscrito brings new contributions to contemporary philosophical discussions

Manuscrito (Vol. 40.2) contains five original articles and a book review on topics ranging from logic and philosophy of mathematics to philosophy of language and metaphysics, making a valuable contribution to current debates in philosophy. Some articles are more historical and exegetical, and some a more systematic, dealing with contemporary issues. Read More →