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Researchers develop symbiotic fermented coconut-based drink

Open coconut on a white surface.

A symbiotic fermented coconut-based drink, developed by researchers from UFRRJ in collaboration with PUCMM and Embrapa, demonstrates a microbiological stability of 28 days under refrigeration, highlighting probiotic and antioxidant benefits. The product is a promising plant-based alternative in the production of probiotic beverages, with the potential to meet the growing demands of vegetarian, vegan, and food-allergic consumers. Read More →

Study suggests that milk ring test can be done on samples with Bronopol

Photograph of a cow with its head resting on a fence. In the background, a blurred grassy field is visible.

Brucellosis is a disease caused by bacteria and can be transmitted to humans through direct or indirect contact with farm animals or by contact with companion animals. The milk ring test (MRT) is one of the ways used to identify the disease at the dairy herd level. Analyses indicate that the MRT can be used on milk samples with a preservative (Bronopol®). Read More →

Domestic workers of Honduran origin in the U.S.A: An approximation

Photograph of a person washing dishes, specifically focusing on a fork. In the image, only a part of their body is visible: the hand.

Honduran women residing in the USA, employed in domestic occupations, typically tend to be younger, have access to bank accounts, and maintain lower savings compared to individuals in other occupations. Additionally, they often earn a significantly lower income. These findings underscore the challenges faced by this particular group and emphasize the importance of enhancing their working conditions and rights. Read More →