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The venoms of sibling snakes may not be so similar

The study revealed that snake venom activities and composition vary individually even among siblings. Moreover, sex-related variation was observed among offspring. Despite not composing the venom mixture for serum production, the antivenom recognized most of the proteins present in all the venoms analyzed. Read More →

Use of tanine in sheep feeding has positive results

Easily accessible, the tannin extract of Acacia Negra proved to be a potential aid in the digestion of sheep. The research, which evaluated the effect of food inclusion of this substance on consumption, digestion and nitrogen retention in sheep, pointed out that its inclusion in animal feed is positive, reducing the degradation of carbohydrates and proteins in ruminants. Read More →

Whats are the main nutritional challenges in older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you know what are the nutritional challenges that elderly people are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic times? In addition to being a risk group for COVID-19 mortality, social isolation can expose the elderly to increased nutritional risk. We need to discuss measures to reduce this risk. Read More →