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What are the challenges to prevent suicide among Brazilian children and adolescents?

Scientific evidences have pointed out for the increase of suicides among children and adolescents worldwide, including Brazil. This study presents risk factors related with this phenomenon, as well as reflections that can indicate pathways to support suicide preventions among this specific population. Read More →

Winds of change at the Alcantara launch center: study brings Brazilian Space Program another step ahead

The present article details an experiment using a scale model of the Launching Pad Area in a subsonic wind tunnel, using the particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique to collect results in different wind flow incidence configurations. The results identify the peculiarities of the region’s typical wind action, and its effects on launch structures and operations on one of the world’s most strategically located space launching bases. Read More →

Is there aesthetic difference between the different orthodontic wires used with porcelain braces?

Study evaluated people’s opinion regarding the aesthetics of orthodontic wires when using porcelain braces. The results showed that the population perceives differences between the metallic wires and those covered by aesthetic materials, preferring the coated wires. Read More →

Thermal Control: How to get the best results from satellite radiator system optimization?

With the successful case of the Amazon-I satellite, Brazilian scientists demonstrate an innovative solution in optimizing satellite thermal control through design, revealing the importance of a multifocal approach when studying the development of radiator systems, as these are fundamental. for the correct functioning of the devices and accuracy of the transmitted data. Read More →

Scientist-tested methods enhance fiber properties

The capacity of dietary fibers to improve digestion and metabolism is directly linked to the physico-chemical properties of these elements, such as water retention capacity, oil binding and fiber cations. The research found that it is possible to improve the functional characteristics of the fibers, through methods such as micronisation and extrusion. Read More →

Study compares experimental and numerical results of a supercritical airfoil behaviour in compressible flow

Research presents a contribution to the demanding field of studies on hot wire anemometry of the unsteady wake of a supercritical airfoil, based on experimental tests made on an ultrasonic wind tunnel and compared with a numerical study results. Read More →

Can asymmetries in the smile be corrected with Orthodontics?

Tooth inclination resulting from occlusal plane canting may compromise smile esthetics and lead to functional problems. Skeletal anchorage, a new treatment technique, may be used to correct these asymmetries, previously only treated by means of procedures that are either more invasive surgically or more complex mechanically. Read More →