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Researching practices in literacies across languages and social domains: International Perspectives

The article introduces a thematic issue which brings together researchers from different countries who are interested in literacy processes and practices developed in and through various languages and social domains. The multiple research perspectives approached add new insights into ways of studying the multi-faceted, dynamic, complex, and discursive nature of literacy practices. Read More →

Life and affect in counterpoint to equilibrist democracies: resistance in discursive practices of contestation in times of ‘Perfect Horror’

Discourses of the extreme right, combined with neoliberal political-economic ideas, present destructive vigor to the political and ethical gains of social and identity movements constituted in the second half of the 20th century. This article highlights studies on language in action in the resistance to what the authors call ‘Perfect Horror’, a combination of Economic Horror and Sociopolitical Horror. Read More →

Linguistic Citizenship in action: struggling for rights in the Global South

Voices and agencies of transgressive bodies that question the logic of modern and colonial human flesh out linguistic citizenship, an interesting new concept to think about ways of surviving, resisting and re-existing in the Global South. Read More →

Research monitoring waste levels of the Glyphosate Herbicide

Used in agriculture, glyphosate is an herbicide capable of controlling a wide range of weeds. However, its use can lead to the occurrence of residues, whether in conventional or genetically modified crops. Researchers analyzed samples of soybeans and corn and cotton seeds, in commercial areas in the harvests of 2012/2013 to 2017/2018, in different Brazilian agricultural regions in order to monitor the levels of residues of glyphosate and its metabolite, after different managements. The results showed undetected or minimal residue rates, confirming that the safety profiles determined by Brazilian regulatory agencies are followed. Read More →

Amyloidosis, a frequently missed diagnosis

Amyloidosis is a wide-spectrum disorder associated with chronic illnesses, plasma cell diseases, and chronic hemodialysis. The clinical presentation in many cases challenges the least warned health care provider. The study shows a detailed multivisceral involvement by the amyloid deposition. Read More →

Research analysis the viability of crop-livestock integration system

Agricultural production systems such as integrating farming and livestock are being presented as an alternative to traditional planting. Seeking to analyze the economic viability and financial risk of applying this system, researchers developed a research that analyzed a crop-livestock integration project focused on the production of beef animals. Using the Monte Carlo simulation, the results demonstrated the viability of the system, compared to others. Read More →