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Electrocardiogram in the Pre-Exercise Evaluation of Children and Adolescents

Photo of a person lying on a hospital bed. He has no shirt and electrodes attached to his body. Next to the stretcher, an electrocardiograph producing a paper with the patient's heartbeat.

The electrocardiogram (ECG) has a crucial role in the early identification of risks, particularly in children and adolescents. Detection of cardiac alterations in 3.3% of asymptomatic participants, despite no personal or family history of heart disease, highlights the importance of ECG in ensuring the cardiac well-being of young individuals. Read More →

Football student-athletes in Brazil tend to prioritize sports careers

Young people playing soccer on a grass field (society soccer field).

Young athletes in Brazil prioritize their soccer career over their studies. In addition to the conciliation of study routines with training/competitions in soccer clubs, there is a tendency to move to the evening teaching period due to the daily demands of the clubs, which reduces the length of stay in school. Read More →

Serum magnesium concentrations one day after total thyroidectomy are predictors for calcium replacement

Graph. Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve for the magnesium concentration in the first postoperative day as a predictor of the need for calcium replacement.

The ability of serum magnesium (Mg) (measured on the first postoperative day; Mg1PO) to predict the need for calcium (Ca) replacement, was assessed in patients undergoing total thyroidectomy (TT). In this group of subjects, serum Mg1PO was identified as the isolated predictor for the need for Ca replacement. Read More →

Race, gender and sexual diversity as a challenge for the intersectional approach in education

Image composed of numerous silhouettes of busts, in various colors, which are superimposed.

Discussing the importance of an intersectional approach to the concepts of race, gender and sexual diversity in articulation with economic and social inequalities in education has become a contemporary agenda. This theoretical orientation has contributed to the deepening of the dialog between educational research and other areas of human sciences and social sciences. Read More →